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Allow us to introduce you to our passionate, fun-loving Outreach Team. This is a group of dedicated individuals who lead entertaining and informative "I'm on it" conversations and events. They talk to folks at street fairs, visit hair salons and neighborhood hangouts, hand out materials, create conversation, contribute to social media, and represent the very best that "I'm on it" has to offer.

The Outreach Team's mission is to put birth control up front and center for women. Staff from Planned Parenthood of New York City are taking the lead in offering outreach about the Campaign. Team members supply "I'm on it" resources and create an atmosphere of safe discussion for sensitive topics. Open conversation plus rich engagement equals making a difference in women's lives and futures.

Check out the profiles below to meet our members, and contact us if you'd like to have a team member come to your event or location.


Stephanie Demmons

Stephanie Demmons is the Director of Community Organizing at Planned Parenthood of New York City. More...

She oversees the agency's online and offline organizing campaigns and community outreach efforts. For the past 10 years, Stephanie has been an organizer – for environmental issues, international development, and reproductive health, rights, and justice. She has extensive experience recruiting, training, and developing leadership within social justice movements and legislative and electoral campaigns.

Stephanie spent a lot of time recently planning her wedding (which was great!), but she's very happy to no longer spend free time on floral design or seating charts. She's a runner (marathons on occasion) and big coffee drinker and loves exploring NYC with her husband and friends, typically on a mission to find delicious food. Having grown up in New England, Stephanie's a lifelong Red Sox and Celtics fan, but hopes you won't hold it against her.

Amanda Matos

Amanda Matos is a Community Organizer at Planned Parenthood of New York City.  More...

She oversees the work of the agency's Activist Council, a group of 700 trained activists who engage in political and educational reproductive rights advocacy. In addition, Amanda founded and directs The WomanHOOD Project, a community program in the Bronx that teaches high school girls the skills to become social and political activists. She has long been interested in ethnic studies, human rights, and the intersection of racism and sexism.

Amanda's other interests range from fashion to photography to cupcakes! Her ideal day off would include trying out a different fashion trend, photographing loved ones in a new place, and sharing a giant cupcake with a friend...or maybe getting her own. She hasn't figured out how, but she intends to find a way to connect social justice organizing and her fun interests like fashion in her career!

Monica Reyes

Monica has been an Adult Role Model (ARM) for Planned Parenthood of New York City since 2012, training other parents on how to talk with their kids about sex. More...

She grew up in the Hunts Point area of the South Bronx. For her the best part of being an ARM is the learning experience. She likes speaking with other parents about their shared experiences. Monica loves that she can help others but also help herself at the same time. Doing outreach in her community is great because she is able to share important information in areas that she knows and feels comfortable with. For fun, Monica enjoys long walks on the beach – just kidding – she enjoys spending time with her kids and working on her art – specifically painting!

Wendy Navarro

Wendy is a Promotora de Salud at Planned Parenthood of New York City.  More...

As a Promotora, she does outreach in her community and has one-on-one educational conversations in English and Spanish with women like herself about reproductive health. These conversations are happening everywhere in the neighborhood, whether at the laundromat, the hair salon, or health fairs.

Wendy enjoys planning parties and entertaining family and friends. When she is not planning parties, she is home watching the food network and trying out new recipes.

Bernice Sutton

Bernice has been one of Planned Parenthood of New York City's Adult Role Models (ARM) since 2003.  More...

She helps parents to feel at ease talking about sex with their kids. Bernice joined the ARM program after enrolling two young men in a PPNYC-supported afterschool program. During the enrollment process, the coordinator mentioned the ARM program and encouraged Bernice to apply.

She feels that the greatest reward in being an ARM is when parents attending the workshops express their gratitude for what they learned and the support they received. In her spare time, Bernice likes to attend musical concerts with her grandchildren.

Daniel Familia

Daniel Familia is an intern with the Promotores de Salud program at Planned Parenthood of New York City.  More...

As a Promotor de Salud, he works mainly in the Bronx providing information to the Latino community in Spanish and English. He is interested in HIV/AIDS in communities of color, Latino immigrant health, and pregnancy rates in underserved communities.

Daniel is a lover of art and he enjoys discovering great music, going to museums, and storytelling. You can find him strolling around the city on long walks, drinking a latte, or browsing at a bookshop.


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